16-Year Old Took on Governor Martinez. Maybe Now the Media and Democrats Will Too?

Front page ABQ Journal article about then 16-year-old Akilah Sanders-Reed who “sued Gov. Susana Martinez and the state, claiming they were not doing anything to protect New Mexico’s atmosphere.”

The article describes the lawsuit and that it has survived its first legal challenge.

More importantly, as ISPAC hears from numerous media sources that media outlets have been cowed by the shadow governor, Jay McCleskey, into not running stories that show Martinez in a bad light (ISPAC will have more on this with specific examples) it is great to see a teenager unafraid of the administration’s bullying.

Democrats (especially legislators who let Martinez’s poll numbers keep them from voting against her bad policies) and the media should see this gal as a role model. One who does what is right for New Mexico without backing down to pressure from the administration.

That is how you deal with bullies. You stand up to them, you may take a hit, but then you hit back even harder.

Good for the Journal for making this a front page article and most of all thank you to Akilah Sanders-Reed for this teachable moment.

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