A Sea Change at the ABQ Journal on Education Reform?

The ABQ Journal has done a very interesting thing in the past few days. Both in editorial and in news the Journal has suddenly changed its tone on education reform. Gone are the attacks on “status quo” educators and legislators.

First the Journal called in an editorial for Hanna Skandera and PED to rework the A-F grading system to make it less complex. The Journal even said it was the only way for PED to get other stakeholders on board.

Today, Hailey Heinz of the Journal did a great piece on the K-3 Plus program and how it could be a “cost effective alternative to third-grade retention”.

The article was about research on the program which extends the school year by five-weeks and involves parental input, something Skandera eliminated with her mandatory third-grade retention.

Next, in another editorial, the Journal called on PED to listen to the educators and add components of the APS/ATF teacher evaluation process.

It appears that the Journal finally understands that the Florida Model that Skandera was brought in to ram down New Mexican’s throats is not real reform.

Real education improvement can only come when teachers, parents, and school administrators are brought into the mix.

All changes should be studied and field tested before being implemented on a large scale.

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