Congrats on joining McCleskey Media Strategies!!! I hope the benefits are good…

Trying to draw a moral equivalence between what the administration and McCleskey did with PED with actions pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement  is a new low for the Journal. Seriously, the state’s largest paper is justifying the actions of Martinez, McCleskey, Skandera, Roger’s and others by pointing its finger at this?

But it is just the latest in a string of actions by the Journal: Not reporting on communications specifically within the prohibited procurement period, axing articles exposing their illegal actions, pointing fingers at legislators’ emails, the “timely” resurrection of Richardson “scandals” (seems like the only time we get to read Mike anymore) or today’s blatant and clearly off base “comparison” is very obviously damage control. No other way to describe it.

We expect it from the likes of Monty Newman and KRQE. But from the state’s largest paper? Sad.

The Journal is better than that. You know it. Your reporters know it. Your readers, including me, know and expect it.

There is a lot of talent among the reporters at the Journal. Most did not choose this career to perform damage control to protect a corrupt administration from its own actions.

We will be releasing many, many more emails. I’d really love to give them to Journal reporters since I know that they could do a good job on reporting about them. But I don’t think McCleskey and Rogers would give the editorial okay to run with them. So why bother?

While you were busy providing damage control and keeping your reporters and the public from the real story, a lot of information about Martinez and her shadow government’s illegal activities has been collected and shaped into very a strong case. There is more than enough to convene a grand jury, secure indictments and convictions. It won’t be all that long before the old maxim of he who rolls first gets the best deal.

Thanks to the Journal’s constant attacks on AG King for not targeting corruption, his office has the incentive to really go after Martinez and her shadow government. And they are doing it. Funny how any whisper of investigation of Richardson was front page, but actual boots on the ground investigation of Martinez doesn’t even get covered. (If we don’t report it it doesn’t exist?)

Rogers, McCleskey, Cangiolosi, Darnell and others have already lawyered up. It won’t be long before Rogers and McCleskey have to surrender editorial control of the Journal. Scott (Scott Sandlin, ABQ Journal courts reporter) will be assigned to cover the legal proceedings and finally the Journal will cover what it should have been covering all along.

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