Apples and Oranges

Spin is a funny thing. It works for only so long. Then the truth wins out.

In the case of Keith Gardner’s highly damning statement that he goes off-line with his communications so that he can avoid jail time, no amount of spin by Gardner or the governor can change that.

Regardless of the general context of the conversation, Gardner’s statement could be used against him in a court of law.

So the real question here is what communications by Gardner is he worried might put him in jail?

Is it the racino contract? After all Pat Rogers sent several emails, to Gardner, Cangiolosi, and McCleseky that appear to implicate them in a conspiracy to rig a deal.

Or is it something else he has so far successfully hidden from the public?

Gardner cannot get past his own admission against penal interest just because he raises a concern about the overall nature of his conversation with Brian Powell.

The legal system doesn’t work that way.

Since the governor’s office has the entire tape, they should release it so that the public can decide for itself.

Spin vs. admission against interest. Gardner should stop trying distract the public from the fact that he feared jail time from his own actions.

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