APS: Just Say No to Florida Model Teacher Evaluations

New Mexico’s largest school district, the Albuquerque Public School District, has rejected Hanna Skandera’s efforts to force Jeb Bush’s  “Florida Model” based teacher evaluations on APS. The board said no to judging teacher performance based upon standardized tests.

Skandera’s approach to teacher evaluations is similar to the kind of evaluation system that led to massive cheating by the school district in Atlanta, Georgia, and to subsequent criminal charges against 35 administrators and teachers in that district. Cheating done because higher scores on standardized tests, whether earned or not, meant more money for the district and those teachers willing to cheat.

APS’s school board was unanimous in its opposition to a system that is already failing in Florida where it was pioneered. The board adopted the position that local school districts know best how to assess the teachers that work for them.

As top educational expert Diane Ravitch has been reporting on her new organization, the Network for Public Education, parents, teachers, principals, and superintendents have begun pushing back against this failed approach that seeks to “incentivize” teaching.

Skandera, may have broken the law, when to reward “A-rated” schools, she steered almost two million dollars in GO Bond money designated for ALL New Mexico public schools to only about 10% of schools that did better on standardized test scores than the other 90% of schools in the state.

Ensuring that the schools that really needed the money did not get it.

Expect to see Rio Rancho, one of the state’s other largest school districts join APS in just saying no.

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