Asleep at the Wheel

Joe Monahan nailed it in his blog today.  He called out the Albuquerque Journal for its “back-paged” ho hum coverage of the Martinez administration’s deputy chief of staff Ryan Cangiolosi landing a high paying job at the University of New Mexico. 

Monahan contrasted the Journal’s kid gloves treatment of Cangiolosi’s hire, with its front page “day after day” coverage–screaming cronyism–of Bill Richardson’s former spokesman Billy Sparks, who also landed a high paying job at UNM. 

A woman who had applied for the same position as Cangiolosi, who appears on the face of it to be more qualified than Cangiolosi, contacted Monahan to highlight that Cangiolosi was not hired on the merits of his resume and experience.

Cangiolosi’s hiring resurrects the ghost of Stephanie Gardner’s hire by the Martinez Administration. The wife of Keith Gardner, Martinez’s chief of staff, was hired over far more qualified candidates for the job thanks to their rigging the hiring process.

Monahan also wrote about Cangiolosi’s role in the Dirty Downs deal, which the New Mexico Attorney General’s office is investigating. 

The Journal also soft balled its coverage of the hiring of Susana Martinez’s husband by AKAL Security, who contributed over $10,000 to Martinez’s gubernatorial campaign and who currently holds state contracts. In fact, the Journal left out entirely from that article that Chuck Franco was hired by AKAL, that AKAL gave generously to Martinez, and that AKAL currently holds state contracts that could come up for renewal.

The Journal has been dogged with allegations that it has tabled articles that raised questions about Martinez’s conduct including on the Dirty Downs deal in order to protect her. The treatment by the Journal of these two pieces only reinforces this image.

Apparently the powers that be at the Journal believe that protecting Martinez from her own corrupt actions is more important than the truth telling. 

Perhaps some coffee to wake them up before they travel any further down this dead end street?

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