A look at the qualifications of those who were passed over for the NAEP Education Administrator $67,000 per year job given to Chief of Staff Keith Gardner’s wife.

According to her resume, Stephanie Gardner received her Administration Licensure in 2010. She earned a MA in Teaching in Phoenix in 2003 and a BS in Elementary Education in 1998. She taught 5th Grade Special Ed for one year (98-99), 6th Grade Math for two years (99-01) and 8th Grade Math for ten years (01-11).

Let’s look at those who got passed over and the experience level of Former Directors:

Candidate BB (Former Director):  Teacher from 1974-1998. (Including Mentor Teacher). Education Coordinator until 2002. 2002-2011 State Coordinator of the Comprehensive School Reform Program-NM PED. MA in Education Administration and Supervision in 2002.

Candidate RR: Acting Director Assessment and Evaluation Bureau 2008-2011 PED. Thirty-one years in Education including Superintendent of Schools, Director of Student Services and Special Education Instructor.

Candidate AF: Teacher 1987-2011. Masters in Education 1989. Administration License 2010.

Candidate KH ( Former Director) : Elementary School Teacher 1972-1986. College Instructor 1990-2001. Elementary School Principal 1986-1994. Associate and Assistant Superintendent 1994-1997. Executive Director of Instructional Services (also curriculum) 1998.

Candidate DM: Reading Teacher 1985-present. Multiple education licenses including Educational Administrator.

Candidate BF: Teacher 1965-1995. Director of Public Information for varies school systems and state agencies 1995-present.

Candidate AR: Teacher 1985-2001. Principal 2001-2004. Teacher 2005-2009. Charter School Administrator 2009-present. 

Candidate RP: Teacher 1976-1980. School Counselor 1980-1983. Director of two different programs at NM PED 1984-2002. School Counselor 2002-2007. School Principal 2007-present.

Candidate SM: Elementary School Teacher 1992-2007. Coordinator Community College, 2008-present. (Admin/Budgeting/Data/Supervision)

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