Editorial: Courage of Conviction

Courage is seldom demonstrated in government anymore. Covering one’s butt seems more important than doing the right thing for the public.

Yesterday sixteen Democratic legislators demonstrated the courage of conviction by standing up for public education to stand up to ALEC. Other Democratic legislators did not.

The cowards caved in to Governor Susana Martinez by passing a budget that gives her control over how public education dollars are spent. Virtual charter schools—check. Teach for America-check. Teachers with no clue on how to teach-check. Schools in Anglo districts with educated parents-check. Schools in poor and minority majority districts-nope. Experienced teachers who know how to teach-nope.

Here’s to the sixteen that showed true courage of conviction, Mimi Stewart, Christine Trujillo, Sheryl Williams Stapleton, Brian Egolf, Emily Kane, Elizabeth Thompson, Stephanie Garcia Richard, Nate Cote, Gail Chasey, Miguel Garcia, Eliseo Alcon, Phillip Archuleta, Georgene Louis, James Roger Madalena, Patricia Roybal Cabellero, and Jeff Steinborn.

A few Democrats appeared to hold their noses while they cast their vote in favor of the budget. A no vote would have sent a better message.

All in all this was a slap at labor, who helped get some of these “yes” men and women elected.

To the other Democrats who caved look in the mirror and ask yourself why your name is left off the list above…shame on you for selling out our kids.

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