Downs Racetrack and Casino’s New COO. But Where’s Darren?

Buried deep in the today’s Venue insert of the Albuquerque Journal was a piece on the new chief operating officer of the Downs’ racetrack and casino. No mention of Darren White anywhere in the blurb.

Finally, someone running the Downs with actual experience. 

Rumor has it that White’s meteoric rise from security consultant to construction manager to track and casino general manager has taken another giant step up… Could it be that Darren White is now a VP of the Downs at Albuquerque (the company as compared to the casino) with an ownership interest?

Jay McCleskey’s best friend is certainly well situated thanks to the depth of his experience in operating a race track and casino– kidding! Wonder how long before McCleskey gets to participate in the casino’s profit sharing through White?

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