Education Reform vs. Education Reform Game On!

     Independent Source PAC has unearthed a copy of “What Matters Most: Teaching for America’s Future” by the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future. We urge anyone who truly cares about public education to click on the link above and read the report.

     Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation, this is the most comprehensive and research based outline of how to truly reform the education process in our country. It lays to waste the agenda of the privatizers behind the so-called “Florida Reform”.

     Over the coming days, Independent Source PAC will present the policies outlined in the report. So it’s time to go head to head with the those who want to enrich private companies with our tax dollars. The debate has just changed: It’s no longer about implementing their reform or no reform at all. It’s reform vs. reform and when stacked against a real approach the privatizers lose!

     So make sure to check back here often as we bring forward what people with actual education experience have outlined as the path to real education reform. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel with the latest privatization fad. We just need to implement the changes that the National Commission on Teaching & America’s Future identified long ago!

      Let’s get this battle started by exploding the myths put forth by the privatizers so they can get ahold of our tax dollars:     According to the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future there are five myths about education that the privatizers like the Foundation for Excellence in Education (“FEE”) spread. Here are just a few of those myths exposed:

     Myth: Anyone Can Teach: “Being responsible for a room full of children or adolescents for even a few hours can be one of the most difficult, frustrating assignments of adult life.” The best teachers “know their subjects deeply, understand how people learn, and have mastered a range of teaching methods.” So it takes the right person with the right knowledge of people and teaching approaches to be a good teacher.

     Myth: Formal Teacher Preparation is Not Much Use: Over the past 30 years studies show “fully prepared teachers are more highly rated and more effective with students than those whose background lacks one or more of the elements of formal teacher education-subject matter preparation, knowledge about teaching and learning, and guided clinical experience.” Contrast that to the approach taken by the “Florida Reform” advocates of “alternate credentialing” and the Teach for America approach. They think that all a teacher needs is couple of community college courses or six weeks of training with a paid trainer to be a teacher. Who do you think is better prepared to teach your kids?

     Myth: Unions Block Reform: “Teacher organizations are condemned for being too political, too concerned with the bread-and-butter issues of salaries, and too bureaucratic and inflexible to respond to reform initiatives and challenges.”

     “But what is sometimes mistaken for protection of the status quo is often reasoned caution about untested educational fads that teachers fear may impede the education of children or weaken our fundamental commitment to free public schools.”

     “Through their collective voice, teacher unions have argued for better preparation, the hiring of qualified teachers, and better conditions in schools because they know that gains on these fronts are gains for students.”

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