Emails show Keith Gardner was cc’d on emails by the SPO Director Moser during the hiring process

The New Mexico Public Education Department has claimed that Stephanie Gardner was hired for the NAEP Administrator position by PED Secretary Designate Hanna Skandera for only one reason–that she was the most qualified for the job because of her “extensive teaching experience”. Yet, the records Independent Source Pac received from PED show that other candidates had not only more extensive teaching experience but significantly more pertinent management and administrative experience as well.

The position involves administration, coordination, communications and supervision responsibilities.

Funny thing. PED rewrote the experience qualifications adding a requirement for this “Education Administrator-Advanced NAEP Coordinator” position that applicants have teaching experience within the last 12 months thus eliminating candidates with much greater and pertinent job qualifications. Imagine if Bill Richardson had done this. There would be howls of patronage, cronyism and rewarding of friends.

But, there’s more. Keith Gardner was included in emails between the governor’s office and Eugene Moser, the director of the State Personnel Office regarding the approval process to open the position for hiring.

Emails and HR Document

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