Failing “Florida Model” Still the Martinez Education Agenda

The A-F grading system recently implemented by Governor Martinez and her Education Secretary-designate, Hanna Skandera, has been a fiasco so far in New Mexico.  Grades changed radically from interim to final evaluation, with little explanation. The explanations given have been mostly jargon and confusing.

The grading system is opposed by parents, teachers, school district superintendents, and school boards. Yet Martinez, Skandera, and the editors of the Albuquerque Journal, the state’s largest newspaper, are still keen on implementing it.

Martinez, Skandera, and the Journal editors have dubbed anyone who resists Martinez’s education agenda as defenders of the “status quo”.  But they fail to mention how their idea of education reform means enriching out of state companies by diverting funds away from local schools.

The system, like all of the education reform efforts by Martinez, is based on the “Florida Model” engineered by Jeb Bush and pushed by Republican governors everywhere.

Martinez is rushing this process through with no real study of whether these “reforms” will actually work in New Mexico

Why the rush?

Why the rush when the reforms implemented in Florida are earning the “Florida Model” an F in actual practice?

ISPAC has previously covered Miami Herald articles detailing these failures. Read our pieces here.

Just a few days ago the Miami Herald posted an article (add link) about how the A-F grades for Florida schools were “miscalculated under a questionable evaluation system”.

Unlike the Albuquerque Journal, the Miami Herald has been studying and reporting on the failures of the “Florida Model” for quite some time.

The extent of the “miscalculation” (screw up) was so far reaching that it affected 40 of the state’s 67 school districts (59%) and impacted approximately 200 schools.

In each case, the recalculated grades were higher than initially given to the schools.

The failure of the Florida Model has not gone unnoticed by the national media. Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post has been paying close attention.  In a recent piece, she raised the issue that Florida’s own problems should be sending warning signals to other states rushing to implement this supposed reform.

Martinez, Skandera, and the editors of the Journal are pushing hard to implement this failure of an education model.

Failure is the reality in Florida. The Albuquerque Journal editors continue cheering for failure in New Mexico.

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