Gardner Recordings Go Viral

Today, New Mexico political blogger Joe Monahan broke wide open the “Gardner Tapes”.

Monahan linked to the entire recording here and here so now everyone can hear for themselves what Gardner actually said.

Warning:  Gardner frequently uses strong and explicit language throughout the entire 1:13 minute recording.

Monahan hit hard on Gardner’s personal attack against Senate President Pro tem Tim Jennings.

Will Mr. Jennings’ fellow senators  step up to the plate and speak up for him? Hopefully, they will.

Perhaps  they will also point out the obvious:

Governor Martinez’s unqualified defense of Gardner provided a false context for his admission that his actions could land him in jail if the public found out.  

Why would the governor, a former prosecutor, ignore that comment? Just what has the chief of staff been up to?

Gardner makes it clear that his practice of not using his state email account and going completely “off-line” was due to his own hands-on knowledge about computer forensics.

The recording is truly explosive. ISPAC has been listening very carefully and so far finds much to deeply trouble to a seasoned investigator.

More on this soon.

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