Hero Governor Makes Big, Big News!

Hero Governor Makes Big, Big News!

Check out today’s Albuquerque Journal and the story headlined “Gov. Comes to the Rescue Of Baby Girl Left in Car.” There’s a bright, smiley picture of Gov. Susana Martinez that runs alongside the story. It says Santa Fe police were called to a Walgreens parking lot after the governor’s bodyguard noticed a baby girl sleeping in the back seat of a car there. The car was on, with the air conditioner running.

The governor’s spokesman, the story says, “said the situation was dangerous, because someone could have easily stolen the running car.” Turned out the dad didn’t want to wake his baby and decided he could shop fast enough to leave her. 

This story ran in the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper as well, as a “News Brief.” In the Journal, it’s on the front page. 

Hmmm… Let’s see what else is in the Journal. Deep inside the paper, on the bottom half of page 6, is an interesting article headlined “Poll Watchers Get Misleading Info.” 

“A Sandoval County Republican Party official provided misinformation to poll challengers in a recent training session,” the article says, “prompting complaints from the Democratic Party that it was done to suppress voting.” 

Seems the vice chairwoman of the Republican Party in Sandoval (also an Albuquerque Tea Party activist) was videotaped telling poll challengers (who monitor voters on election day) “false or misleading information” about “voter identification requirements, the use of provisional ballots and more…” 

Among the wrong things Pat Morlen said was “that voters can be asked to show physical identification if two elections officials request it,” the story says. 

It is truly fascinating that the story about Martinez’s “Rescue of Baby Girl” rates higher at the Journal than a secretly videotaped attempt by an election official to impact voters. Republicans must be very grateful.

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