Illegal Hacking? Nope. We Caught You Fair and Square

Mike Corwin responds:

Before we get started on the ridiculous assertions coming from the governor, some props for members of the New Mexico media for getting the seriousness of the abuses of the Martinez administration’s “shadow government”.

Joe Monahan (yesterday and today):

Heath Haussamen:

Dan Boyd (with Charles Brunt):

Steve Terrell who got the ball rolling exposing the use of private email and government resources for private political benefit involving PED (while helping educate the public about “leaking” public emails).

For the record:

We at Independent Source PAC did not “hack” any emails. In no way, shape, or form have we broken any laws in exposing the illegal conduct of the Martinez administration’s “shadow government” as laid out in the public record emails we sent to the AG and FBI. It is the administration’s intentional concealment of public records and collusion in government contracting that has broken the law.

Their attack strategy will fail.

By claiming the emails were hacked, the administration is admitting that all of the content in the emails is accurate and true. Pat Rogers did send those emails to communicate with the deputy chief of staff during a prohibited time and did, along with the “shadow governor”, Jay McCleskey, who has complete access to the administration, outline a plan to retaliate against a sitting state fair commissioner for opposing their actions.

We can take the deputy chief of staff’s claim of having not read the email with an enormous grain of salt. The actions laid out in the emails did occur, especially the retaliation against Charlotte Rode, whose private emails were IPRAd by GOP Rep Nate Gentry. Gentry’s investigation of Rode would not have been carried out without the knowledge and consent of the administration.

Let us also not forget that Jay McCleskey received some of those emails too and he is involved extensively not just with political actions but in administrative decision making too.

To reiterate, the emails we sent to the FBI and the AG are public records. They involve government affairs, contracts, and actions.

The problem for the Martinez administration is that they know they intentionally concealed public records and colluded illegally on the Downs deal. Now, since realizing they have been caught, they are targeting the whistleblowers—that’s us– in an effort to misdirect attention from their actions.

Their threats of investigation do not intimidate us.

We have been submitting evidence of their illegal actions to both the FBI and AG, sometimes publicly, but often without public notice, for months. The FBI is aware of the extensive investigation we have done to expose the collusion by the administration, attorney Pat Rogers, and his clients at the Downs of Albuquerque.

They also know that the emails provided to them prove the concealment by the administration.

Lawyer inspired defense plan?

The administration’s bogus assertions of hacking appear to originate with an attorney, who perhaps advised them that unless the emails are labeled as “fruit from the poison tree”, they will be used against them. Ryan Cangiolosi is denying reading these public records in the hopes of claiming that he can’t be charged criminally for concealing them from IPRA requests if he didn’t read them.

They claim the email listed for his has been shut down. They claim he hasn’t used that email account since the middle of 2012. But, previously they claimed susana2010 emails were switched to susanapac emails around the time of the inauguration.

However, not hitting the reply button to respond to an email is not the same as being unaware. Cangiolosi needs to produce all of his emails on all of his different private accounts as well as all of his telephone records, land, cell, and blackberry for the time frame in question.

Without access to those records we have every right to believe that he, and others, are covering up for his actions.

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