The Santa Fe New Mexican exposes the existence of a wide ranging and deep federal investigation into Jay McCleskey and others. Signs point to the Dirty Downs Deal including witness retaliation being one of the grand jury’s focuses. Expect much more soon. Read it here and here.

National Media outlets Mother Jones and Real Clear Politics have moved the yardsticks significantly in showing the nation just what a false myth Susana Martinez truly is, while the local media continues its epic fail when it comes to educating New Mexicans about their top official. Mother Jones unveiled never before audio of Martinez and her “bad boys” doing what they do best, being mean, nasty, and bigoted.

Local media finally covers the Dirty Downs Deal. Mike Gallagher pens lengthy expose on McCleskey’s texts to Andrea Goff including an interview with Andrea Goff. Unlike NJ Governor Christie, Susana Martinez cannot claim that she did not know what was going on. Read it here.

National Journal article shows the Feds have more than enough evidence to indict on the Dirty Downs Deal. Read it here. It took the national media to do what the Albuquerque Journal, KRQE, KOAT, KOB-TV, refuse to do. 
The local media has yet to cover that the FBI has in its possession incriminating text messages from Jay McCleskey. No governor trying to have a national profile has benefitted more from a compliant local media than Susana Martinez.