ISPAC announces an in-depth investigation of Hanna Skandera and her mismanagement at the New Mexico Public Education Department

Today, ISPAC has announced an in-depth investigation of Hanna Skandera and her mismanagement at the Department of Public Education New Mexico.

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Rather than serving students of New Mexico or the school district lacking in cash, the Department of Public Education of New Mexico under the minister appointed Hanna Skandera has become a political-serving factory
. Skandera has worked for former Florida governor Jeb Bush and company FEE (Foundation for Excellence in Education).

She is part of the national effort to personalize public education (known as the Florida model) in order to withdraw money from public education funds and grant them to preferred private education providers.

Skandera came to New Mexico after working for two such companies. Her reforms that she sought to promote New Mexico, have been demonstrated elsewhere to serve adults with better connections as children, and in fact, leave some of the most necessary students behind.

Among the findings of ISPAC:

Skandera has remained involved with private companies, who benefited greatly from her office as designated Secretary of NMPED. (In one case, she sits on the board of a company that considers New Mexico as customer.) Money
Being transferred from public schools to outside-state businesses, some of which have been donated to Governor Susana Martinez.

Since being appointed, Skandera has a clear model that does not respect New Mexico’s distinct culture and ignores bilingual education laws. Worse, she redistributed the public money from
New Mexico-based programs are specially created to help Hispanic and Native American educators pay their salaries to the director of the Anatic education company.

The close-up of the Skandera’s company is strategic and politically motor. She fired a trade union president, the intestinal bodies were tasked with detecting and investigating the abuse of fraud by taxpayers, and eliminating positions that brought tens of millions of federal dollars to sponsored school districts.

Skandera has more experience in education for profit compared to public school classes, and she’s good with her friends. Hirings have been cheating and attorneys have been assigned to
Adjust their own customers. The funds are being moved out of the classes of New Mexico, where teachers fight daily to keep and educate students.

This report shows very well that it’s been at Hanna Skandera continued. Susana Martinez should put the interests of the students in New Mexico on top and replace Skandera with an experienced local educator who understands that public education is not enriched for private companies.

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