ISPAC Special Investigation: Ryan Cangiolosi Falls Far Short of the Minimum Requirements for the UNM Health Sciences $125K Position

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center created a new position, which just so happened to be given to Ryan Cangiolosi. Cangiolosi was serving as Governor Susana Martinez’s chief of staff when he got the job paying $125,000 a year.

The Albuquerque Journal covered Cangiolosi’s hire on page C1, a far cry from the multiple front-page articles and editorial the Journal ran back in 2006 questioning UNMH’s hiring of Bill Richardson’s spokesman Billy Sparks.

The Journal claimed Sparks did not meet the qualifications for the job. Sparks was two classes short of his bachelor’s degree that the position required.

A review of job position requirements along with resumes submitted by Cangiolosi and other applicants shows that Cangiolosi not only did not meet the minimum qualifications for the job he was hired into, but has far less experience than many other applicants. Some of the applicants, unlike Cangiolosi, even possessed experience in managing health care operations at the university level.

Cangiolosi, it would appear, was hired because of his political connections. That makes him a glorified lobbyist.

Cangiolosi was one of seventeen applicants for the job. According to the Applicant Status Report, Cangiolosi’s application was the second to last received and came six days after the first application was received.

Cangiolosi was one of only three applicants selected for a campus interview for the position. One other applicant was selected for a telephone interview.  The other sixteen applicants were branded either “Less competitive based on application material” or “Less competitive based on stated work experience” as the reason for not being hired.

Minimum qualifications for the position were listed as “Bachelor’s degree; at least 7 years of experience that is directly related to duties and responsibilities specified.”

Experience requirements included: “Managing multiple large-scale/high impact projects at an executive leadership level”, “Designing and implementing policies for long-and short-range strategic planning in a large organization” and “Developing and managing annual budgets and productivity analyses”.

Cangiolosi’s experience in these areas does not even close to the seven-year minimum. He barely has over half the required minimum experience.

From January 3, 2011 until applying in mid-September 2012, Cangiolosi was the deputy chief of staff for Martinez. So that would be a year-and-a-half of relevant experience.

Cangiolosi was Martinez’s campaign manager for less than five months (June 21, 2010- November 2, 2010) where he managed “up to 10 people” and was the personnel director for the transition for a two-month period (November 3, 2010-January 2) where he managed 5 employees.

That’s two-years of relevant experience. But it gets murky after that. Cangiolosi’s resume shows several overlapping positions that he appeared to work on simultaneously.

He served as vice-president of business operations for one of Harvey Yates’s smaller companies, supervising 5 employees from November 2008-December 2010—That overlaps by six months his campaign work for Martinez, so add another year and eight months to his two years of relevant experience.

Cangiolosi also served as the executive director of the Republican Party of New Mexico, from January 2009-June 2010—That overlaps entirely with his work for Yates so it doesn’t add any years experience. He was an officer in the Naval reserves, but most of his actual experience also overlapped his other jobs.

So that’s less than four years of relevant experience November 2008 through Mid September 2012. Cangiolosi does have some experience working as a headhunter, though hardly relevant for this senior project coordinator position, and also providing some studio recording services and serving as a music director for a church.

Cangiolosi barely has more than one-half the required years of experience for the job. Yet, he got the job.

Cangiolosi does have an MBA, but so do several other applicants. Others applicants are CPAs and some hold PhDs. There are also several candidates who have certificates in project management a key component of the job. There are also career military officers including one who oversaw large operations while based at the Pentagon.

Here’s a look at some of the other applicants who are identified by their initials:

DW: “Developed and managed a Project Services Office for Spectrum Health Delivery System. Responsible for major strategic projects. Implementing a standardized project management methodology across the entire organization of approximately 18,000 physicians and staff. Supervised a team of ten project managers with oversight of up to forty project or programs with budgets up to fifteen million dollars”.


  • Director of Program Management- Spectrum Health-April 2009-April 2012.
  • Senior Project Manager- Strategic Reimbursement & Administrative Services-March 2007-April 2009.
  • Field Systems Team Lead, Hanover Insurance Group- February 1998-November 2006.

14 years related experience including project management services in the medical field.

MA: Ph.D. Educational Leadership and Research and MBA (All employment in University System)


  • Associate Executive Director (and Interim) for Administration and Finance at the Penning Biomedical Research Center (Part of Louisiana State University System) January 2010-Present.
  • Assistant Executive Director for Administration and Finance (January 2008-December 2009).
  • Director of Fiscal Operations (May 2003- Dec 2007)
  • Business Manager Louisiana State University Athletics Program (March 1998-April 2003)

Fourteen plus years relevant experience including university medical, PH.D and MBA.

SG: Career Military. Master of Public Administation. Master of Military Operational Art and Science.


  • Provided management, oversight and advocacy for $3.8B National Airborne Operations Center aircraft; manged further system needs and operational architectures with command elements throughout the military enterprise.
  • Served as Headquarters US Air Force subject matter expert for air-based command and control architecture.
  • University Department Head for Aerospace Studies.
  • Planned and executed world-wide military missions employing the National Airborne Operations Center aircraft to provide uninterrupted command and control for the President of the United States and the National Command Authorities.
  • Principle liaison for 63-person aircrew and White House Military Office-responded to direction from White House and Secretary of Defense.

TF: CPA, MBA (NYU Stern School of Business), Certified Management Accountant, Certified Global Management Accountant.


  • Director, Audit & Compliance, New Mexico Gaming Control Board, (November 2008-Present).
  • President, Bulk Mail Services, (July 2006- October 2008).
  • Senior Vice President of Operations-US Shared Services, PRGX, (August 1997-June 2006). (Also Regional Vice President and General Manager).
  • VP Administration & CFO, GeoPhone Company, (October 1995-August 1997).
  • Senior Adviser Contract Cost & Compliance, Refinery Projects, Saudi Aramco (May 1991-October 1995).
  • Division Controller, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, (April 1989-May 1991).
  • Internal Audit Manager, Exxon Corp. (January 1981-April 1989).

Over thirty years relevant experience both CPA and MBA.

CH: MBA and UNM Health Sciences Experience.


  • Executive Director and CME Compliance Administrator, New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation, (2009-present).
  • President of Development (also Director of Advancement and Director of Marketing) New Mexico Symphony Orchestra (November 2005-October 2009).
  • Development Officer, Director of Major Gifts, University of New Mexico Hospitals (February 2002-September 2005).

MBA and ten years related experience including Medical/University.

MO: Ph.D and MBA. Extensive Medical Project Management and Science.


  • Senior Vice President, Business Development and Alliances, Bioxcel Corp. (2006-present).
  • Director, Business Development, Inpharmatica, Ltd. (2004-2006).
  • Senior Director, External Development, Shire Biologics, Inc. (2001-2002).
  • Founder and Principal- Polaris Associates, International, (1999-2001).
  • President and CEO, Microsource Discovery Systems Inc. (1993-1999).
  • Principal Scientist, R&D, Manager Clinical Research Boerhringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, (1982-1992).
  • Senior Staff Fellow and Post-Doctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health, 1976-1982.

LM: Ph.D and Two Masters Degrees.


  • Assistant Director, Emergency Management & Security Services, University of Idaho (2012).
  • Emergency Management for Higher Education Grant Program Manager, Miami Dade College (2010-2011)
  • Regional Planner, Miami-Dade County Department of Emergency Management (2009).
  • Interagency Training Manager, New York City Office of Emergency Management (2008-2009)
  • Project Manager, Government Contracts, National Terrorism Preparedness Institute (2002-2008).

Ten Years relevant experience and a Ph.D. Extensive education and training in program management, grants and planning.

JE: “Experienced government Project Officer, Work Assignment Manager, Contracting Officer’s Representative for extramural grants/project management. Appears to be American Indian.


  • Operate Photography Studio, 1/08-Current. (some overlap)
  • Management Analyst, Economic Analyst, Budget Analyst, US Environmental Agency, (4/95- 8/2010).
  • Program Analyst, US Department of Education, (11/94-3/95)
  • Congressional Aide, Education and Labor Committee (6/93-12/93)

Fifteen years of relevant experience.

SC: “Specifically, for 17.5 years, I served in various audit capacities for the US Department of the Interior Office of Inspector General, responsible for monitoring and maintaining cognizance over the Government of the Virgin Islands, assisting the Government with developing its financial management system”. 


  • Chief Audit Officer, University of Virgin Islands (November 2010 to Present)
  • Manager, Ethics and Compliance, Bechtel for Los Alamos Natl Labs, July 2006 to October 2010).
  • Chief Internal Auditor, Florida School District (July 2001 to June 2005).
  • Deputy Audit Manager/Audit Supervisor, US Dept of Interior OIG US Virgin Islands, (1999-June 2001).
  • Auditor in Charge, “, 1992-1999.
  • Lead Auditor, Auditor, Auditor Trainee- 1984-1992.

DE: Is a “certified project manager with over ten years experience”. 


  • Business Process Analyst for Federal Technology & Growth Division, Boeing, (2011-2012).
  • Business Development/Federal Enterprise Program (project manager director), Lovelace Biomedical and Environmental Research Institute, (2009-2011).
  • Chartered Human Resources-Contracts and Operations, Project Management, Raytheon (2008-2009)
  • District Office Manger, Retail Fortune 500 Company (2005-2008).
  • Information Systems Director, Metropolitan College, (2003-2005)

Hiring is somewhat subjective. But, Cangiolosi doesn’t come close to meeting the minimum requirements while many of these candidates do. So why was he hired other than for his connections in the administration?

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