Breaking News: Jay McCleskey caught manipulating the facts to push the governor’s agenda

In his first television advertisement for Reform New Mexico Now, Jay McCleskey, Governor Martinez’s key political advisor, falsely states that New Mexico is one of only two states still issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Wrong. There are four states that do issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, Washington, New Mexico, Utah and California. California instituted drivers’ licenses for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants because law enforcement requested it for public safety reasons. Police know that the public at large and especially police officers are much safer when everyone driving has a driver’s license. Instead of compromising as governors in other states have, Martinez took the it’s my way or the highway approach. Why is she willing to let McCleskey lie to the public regarding a critical public safety issue?

Since the days of his battery case McCleskey has had a pattern of lies, half truths, bullying and ethically challenged behavior that continues unabated. He has blurred the lines between coordinated and independent expenditure only communications, he has even accused candidates who actually oppose drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants of supporting them as well as other examples of gross misrepresentation of positions by Democrats. Martinez’s willingness to let McCleskey continue on as her key advisor despite all of this means that she condones his actions. So much for her claims of transparency and ethics in government.

Read Joe Monahan’s piece on McCleskey’s media buy here. See McCleskey’s commercial here.

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