Lessons from the Pay-to-Play Indictments of Ray Nagin and Kwame Kilpatrick

Andrea Goff’s name appears all over the campaign reports for both Susana Martinez’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign and for Susana PAC. Martinez’s henchmen and some in the media are ignoring that fact claiming that Goff played only a limited role in just the campaign. Goff also fundraised for Martinez’s inaugural and in fact ran Martinez’s inauguration. Hardly a peripheral figure. 

The ramifications of her being interviewed by the FBI about the Downs cannot be understated. Like Martinez, both Ray Nagin and Kwame Kilpatrick were considered rising stars of their party and the darling of the media. The Feds indicted both of them. Scroll down below to read just how similar to Martinez’s actions in the Downs deal are to the actions of Nagin and Kilpatrick that led to their indictments.

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