Louisiana Trip: The Plot Thickens

Since April 2012, the Martinez administration has fought producing any documents related to Chuck Franco’s hunting trip to Louisiana that occurred during the procurement period on the racino contract.

They’ve kept the media from covering the trip by claiming it had nothing to do with the contract.

But their actions belie their words.

They refused to cooperate for six months with the AG’s efforts to get these record. Well they finally produced four pages related to Ruben Maynes and Frank Chavez, the two officers who “protected” Franco while he hunted. 

The documents do nothing to disprove our position that the trip related to the contract. All they produced was the state employment system SHARE printout that shows only the number of hours worked. 

The administration claimed that releasing these docs would put the governor and her husband’s safety in jeopardy? Really? Numbers do that?

Why refuse to produce such innocuous records?

There is nothing that shows what they did during those hours or where they worked. The state obviously has just such records.

Interstate Bribery is a serious offense. 

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