Martinez Accuses Dems of Being Weak on Child Abuse But Ignores Gardner’s Own Actions and Words

Governor Susana Martinez’s Super PAC, Reform New Mexico Now, is airing attack ads targeting Senators Tim Jennings and Michael Sanchez accusing them of not being tough on child abuse.

Martinez though has completely ignored her chief-of-staff Keith Gardner’s own words in the now famous recording of Gardner made by Brian Powell.

In his own words, Gardner tells Powell that he allowed his own fear of negative publicity to keep him from acting in support of his own offspring who was touched inappropriately by a fellow student at school.

Gardner also permitted the same offspring to alter testimony (as reported in the Roswell Daily Record) at the trial of a close Gardner friend, David Lawrence, who was accused of sexually abusing Powell’s daughter.

The changes in testimony allowed Lawrence to beat the criminal charges he faced.

Listen to the audio here.

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