Racino Contract: Is Susana Martinez Trying the old “bait and switch” to Avoid Answering for Her Administration’s Own Misconduct?

     The Martinez Administration appears to be behind an effort to misdirect the media and the public from her administration’s dirty dealings on the Racino contract.

    Based upon a news story that appeared on KOB-TV  the Martinez Administration appears to be engaged in some sleight of hand to misdirect the media and the public.  Suddenly, her administration is raising concerns about Paul Blanchard’s “role” of potentially being interviewed by a grand jury investigating Bill Richardson. 

     Blanchard is not a target of the grand jury and has not been accused of wrongdoing. He is only going to be interviewed.

    Blanchard’s role in the management of the Downs has recently been diminished by his Louisiana based partners. It is the Louisiana partners, Windham and Turner, who are in control of the operation.

     As ISPAC has previously reported, Windham and Turner gave $10,000 to Martinez AFTER she had been elected and shortly before the RFP for the Racino was issued.

This money from Windham and Turner, on top of the $70,000 they gave before the election, was paid through a company, named Brazos Land & Cattle, Ltd. However, when that $10,000 went to Martinez, Windham and Turner’s were not identified on the PRC’s website’s corporate records for the company. A company that they acquired through a bankruptcy in Louisiana.

     There is no doubt that it was widely known that these two would be bidding on the contract well before the RFP was issued.

     It was not until ISPAC unearthed this $10,000 from Windham and Turner did Martinez’s actions in this process make any sense. It never was about Blanchard– at least until now that she might need a way out of this mess of her own making.

     So why would Martinez suddenly start talking about Paul Blanchard being interviewed as raising red flags about the contract? It’s called “bait and switch”. 

     Rather than risk her administrations improper actions become exposed to the light–she is pointing her finger at her predecessor as if he was the one who personally selected the evaluator who inflated the Down’s score and as if her predecessor was the one who took money from folks preparing to bid on a billion dollar plus contract.    Regardless of what Martinez does today at the Board of Finance meeting. ISPAC has uncovered enough shady dealings by the administration that this will not be the end of the story.

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