Martinez Nixes Wage Hike

Shortly after signing off on cutting taxes for out-of- state corporations in an op-ed carrying her byline (most New Mexico based companies do not qualify for that tax cut) Susana Martinez vetoed legislation raising the minimum wage.

Martinez has lived off of the taxpayer for most of her adult life. She has not had to fend for herself in the private sector. Perhaps that is why she doesn’t think that the working poor should have a chance to earn their way out of poverty.

Martinez says she rejected the increase because the bill wouldn’t make New Mexico “competitive” with Texas. Undoubtedly, Texas is the home to those out-of- state corporations who will benefit most from her corporate tax cut. It is the home to the largest campaign contributors to her various political committees and campaign funds.

Those working for minimum wage don’t contribute to her campaigns– they can hardly afford the basics like, food, water, rent, clothing, and utilities. From the start, Martinez has shown herself to be the governor for only a chosen few. Sadly, the state’s Democrats have let her do just that by giving her a free pass citing her “popularity” ratings. Ratings, which are untested because, from the state Democratic party on down, Martinez has been left alone to do as she pleases.

The working poor in our state suffer day-to-day because the Democratic party in our state has become a spineless rudderless ship.

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