Martinez Pretense of Open Gov’t Collapses

On December 28th, the New Mexico Attorney General’s office ordered the Martinez administration to provide to ISPAC documents related to the Louisiana hunting trip taken by Martinez husband Chuck Franco and two state police officers from the governor’s security detail. 

Despite telling the media that they would produce the documents they have yet to do so some twenty days after being ordered to provide them.

In addition to promising the voters a transparent government if elected, Martinez told the New Mexico press that her administration would strive to produce documents in less than the 15-day maximum allowable time frame under the Inspection of Public Records Act. 

But ISPAC is not alone in having to wait for public records especially those relating to the Dirty Downs deal.

Charlotte Rode, a state fair commissioner appointed by the governor, who became an outspoken critic of the Dirty Downs deal, has filed a lawsuit (Bernalillo County Court case CV-201300603) for documents she requested during the state fair commission’s review of the contract. The New Mexico Attorney General’s office directed the Martinez administration to produce these documents to Rode prior to the commission’s vote.

The administration itself agreed to provide the documents to Rode telling her to file an IPRA request in order to get them, but then never did provide them to her. Governor Martinez publicly promised to post these same documents on the state fair website once the Downs deal was approved, but never did put them up for the public to see.

A state fair commissioner lawfully entitled to documents needed to do her job has had to file a lawsuit against the Martinez administration in order to obtain them. This is a remarkable occurrence.

Governor Martinez has convinced people to accept her word that she is an open government practitioner rather than look at her actual actions. Those days are now over. As is any pretense that Martinez practices what she preaches. Her administration’s mode of operation is truly one of secrecy not openness.

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