Martinez Still Concealing Docs on Louisiana Trip

Last week ISPAC requested an update from the New Mexico Attorney General’s office on an IPRA Complaint we made to them on J

The update came yesterday.

First some background.

The Martinez administration refused to provide documents that we requested in April 2012 concerning the Louisiana hunting trip that Martinez’s husband, Chuck Franco, took with two Governor’s security detail officers from the New Mexico State Police. 

The trip was taken in a state vehicle using a state gas card. 

In a letter separate from the complaint, ISPAC reported to both the AG and the FBI that the administration’s refusal to produce records relative to this trip could be an attempt to conceal illegal conduct related to the racino contract awarded to the Downs at Albuquerque.

Martinez’s husband’s trip took place during the procurement process for the racino contract. Any involvement of the Downs owners (providing accommodations, land to hunt on, a guide to find game, weapons to use etc.) would constitute bribery.

The Downs owners from Louisiana have numerous properties including an 800-acre horse farm near Elm Grove, LA. Elm Grove is known for its waterfowl and deer hunting.

(Since we filed the complaint, ISPAC has learned from a source, but not yet confirmed, that Chuck Franco has previously hunted with Downs’ co-owner Paul Blanchard. If this information is accurate, it is easy to see how Blanchard and his Louisiana based co-owners could have involvement in Franco’s trip.)

The AG’s office has worked very diligently to try and get those trip records. The administration has stonewalled not only my efforts, but the AG’s as well.

Why do that if there is nothing to hide?

The AG has communicated in writing, via email and by telephone with the records custodian for DPS and offered deadline extensions provided they in turn received cooperation from DPS.

What has the AG received in return? Silence. The administration will not even respond to them. So much for Martinez’s executive order promising her administration’s full cooperation on investigations. 

Cooperation? Only if cooperation doesn’t implicate Martinez, her top officials, close advisors, political insiders, and contributors.

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