Martinez Vetoed Life Without Parole for Child Killers then Accuses Dems of Being Soft on Child Killers

Governor Susana Martinez’s Super PAC Reform New Mexico Now has been attacking Democratic candidates across the state for being “soft” on child killers. (So have individual Republicans like Nate Gentry- using the same message and similar fliers—but no coordination there.)

Martinez vetoed SB 59, a bill by Democratic Senator Mary Jane Garcia that would have allowed child killers to be sentenced to life without parole. Lock ‘em up and throw away the key. A sentence of life without parole means those killers would die in prison.

Martinez claimed that she vetoed the bill because in its final form the bill did not allow juvenile offenders, those under the age of 18, to be sentenced to life without parole.

The US Supreme Court, hardly a liberal institution, made short work of Martinez’s justification for her veto. In Miller v. Alabama, the US Supreme Court ruled life without parole for juvenile offenders is “cruel and inhuman punishment”.

Cases take a long time to get to the US Supreme Court. The Miller case was appealed to the Supreme Court in August 2010 and argued before the court on March 20, 2012. Martinez vetoed the bill less than two weeks before oral arguments.

Clearly Martinez knew all about this when she vetoed the bill that would keep child killers locked up for good.

Now Martinez is attacking Democrats who supported the bill she blocked.

Governor Martinez, “have you no shame”?

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