National Education Expert Diane Ravitch Forms a New Group: Education Privatizers Beware!

Diane Ravitch is one of the nation’s top education experts. She is absolutely no fan of the “Florida Model” that Hanna Skandera foisted upon New Mexico. Ravitch has launched a new group, The Network for Public Education, to counter the efforts of private companies to bleed public education dry.

Here is what she had to say about forming her new group, “The Network for Public Education will give voice to the millions of parents, educators, and other citizens who are fed up with corporate-style reform. We believe in community-based reform, strengthening our schools instead of closing them, respecting our teachers and principals instead of berating them, educating our children instead of constantly testing them. Our public schools are an essential democratic institution. We look forward to working with friends and allies in every state and school district who want to preserve and improve public education for future generations.”

Please support Ravitch and her co-founders’ efforts to stand up to the corporations whose only goal is siphon public education dollars away from public schools.

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