National Media Exposes Skandera as Part of National Privatization Push

Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post wrote an extensive article on how Hanna Skandera and other state education officials closely associated with Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education (“FEE”) have been writing education bills that benefit FEE’s corporate funders.

Hanna Skandera, New Mexico’s educations secretary designate serves on Chiefs for Change an entity within FEE. Skandera once headed up Chiefs for Change.

ISPAC began reporting on FEE and its ethically challenged founders including K-12, Inc., in the early Fall of 2011. Skandera’s relationship with FEE played a prominent role in ISPAC’s Skandera Report.

Strauss mentions Christy Hovanetz, a full-time FEE employee who served as a high paid consultant to Skandera. ISPAC reported on Hovanetz’s role and contracts in 2011. Strauss also wrote that FEE paid for Skandera’s travel.

Strauss had this to say about New Mexico and Skandera:

  • “Fee staff served as advisers to acting education commissioner Hanna Skandera. FEE, and, by extension, its donors, had great influence over New Mexico legislation.”

  • FEE provides its donors-including for-profit digital education companies-access to the chiefs”.

It is time for New Mexico to send Skandera, FEE and the for profit funders eyeing New Mexico’s public education funds packing.

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