NM House Education Committee Tables Martinez Mandatory Retention

A special thank you to Democratic members of the NM House Education Committee chaired by Rep. Mimi Stewart, who along with Representatives Sheryl Williams Stapleton, Christine Trujillo, Rick Miera, Nate Cote, and Stephanie Garcia Richard tabled Susana Martinez’s mandatory retention bill.

In addition to having eliminated parental involvement in critical education decisions by mandating retention, Martinez’s bill also created an unfunded mandate that would have required school districts to fund retention and remediation efforts from their existing budgets.

Martinez, who last year, line item vetoed funding for instructional coaches, now has a chance to work with legislators, parents, educators, and school districts to support legislation that ensures adequate funding is given to educators to ensure remediation efforts can succeed while at the same time giving all parents the ability to make critical decisions about their children’s education needs.

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