On the Albuquerque Journal’s Romney Endorsement

The Albuquerque Journal’s endorsement of Mitt Romney for president is actually pretty funny when considered in the context of an old blog post written by a former editorial board member there. 

You can read the full post . It has some interesting insight into how newspapers decide which candidate to endorse. But this is the telling anecdote, about the election in 2004: 

“Having endorsed George W. Bush in 2000, it seemed likely the Journal would go that route again, despite the fact that our general editorial policy at the time was ‘socially liberal and fiscally conservative’ (with some obvious exceptions), as the steady stream of civic leaders and newsmakers who came through our doors were often told. The Bush years had been neither. 

“Some papers around the nation that historically endorsed Republicans for president declined in 2004 to endorse anyone, loathe as they were to endorse Bush or Kerry. 

“So, I thought declining to endorse a possible option for the Journal, and suggested it as our position. After I laid out the negatives of the Bush administration and positives about Kerry’s record in the Senate, the discussions circled the table – and all comments about Bush fit the negative column until we came back around the circle to (Editor-In-Chief Kent) Walz. In light of our remarks, Walz said he would take two suggestions to the publisher: Go with Kerry or don’t endorse.

“We all know who ended up with the endorsement. Bush had both the Journal and the (afternoon daily Albuquerque) Tribune – and the actual support of neither of their editorial boards.” 

If you aren’t cynical about politics, then you don’t pay attention. 

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