Other States Comply with Dream Act, Will Martinez?

ISPAC has previously written about New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez’s Dream Act problem. Just how much President Obama’s executive order granting the right to work and go to school to illegal immigrants under the age of 31 has ended Martinez’s push to revoke driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants is now clear.

An article by the Pew Center on the States shows that because of Obama’s executive order that states opposed to giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses are now having to do so because the executive order grants right to work status and a social security number to each successful applicant.

Among the list of states that will now do so is Texas, Martinez’s home state. According to the article the Texas Department of Public Safety has confirmed that illegal immigrants who receive the proper documents will be able to obtain a driver’s license.

Martinez, who was an enthusiastic supporter of Arizona’s strict anti-immigrant laws must now face the inevitable. Work with the Democratic legislature to enact laws that will end driver’s license fraud while protecting the ability of those who comply with the law to drive. A move she rejected last year. Or fail entirely in her overtly politicized agenda.

Martinez has yet to demonstrate to New Mexicans an ability to govern. Her administration has acted to advance just a few goals: Enriching those closest to her by hook or crook; Raising her national profile; Ending driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants; Forcing third-graders to be left back against their parents’ wishes.

Creating jobs, enhancing economic development, and maintaining a safety net for those in need have been ignored by her administration.

Her overly cited “high favorability” numbers have not translated into success with either her agenda or in this past election. She suffered major setbacks on both scores.

Rather than expand the vision of her administration by bringing in Republicans who see the bigger picture, Martinez has relied exclusively upon her inner circle, promoting from within those who see governance as secondary to politics.

Evolution helps those willing to adapt while leaving behind those that don’t. All of New Mexico will soon know if Martinez adapts to the realities around her or ignores the lessons of history.

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