Pat Rogers, lawyer/lobbyist embroiled in the Dirty Downs Deal and high-ranking member of the Susana Martinez shadow government, has resigned from the board of Foundation for Open Government (FOG).

Rogers’ claims that he has not broken the law.  Regarding his involvement in the Downs at Albuquerque racino contract, we believe that is a decision best left to the courts.  

Rogers’ also claims that the emails in question were illegally intercepted and never read by members of the Martinez administration.  This claim is provably false.

Rogers’ resignation is long over-due and represents the end of a sad chapter for New Mexico journalism.  Rogers appears to have used his FOG position and connections to news directors at KRQE and editors at the Albuquerque Journal to suppress media coverage of potentially illegal conduct by the Martinez administration. 

However, New Mexicans can be proud of the individual reporters and bloggers who continued to report on the actions of the shadow government, despite the pressure from Rogers. 

In particular, ISPAC recognizes Joe Monahan, Steve Terrell, Heath Haussamen, Joey Peters, Barry Massey, Gadi Schwartz, Peter St.Cyr, Thom Cole, Charles Brunt, Deborah Baker, Dan Boyd, James Monteleone and of course our own Phil Parker.

Rogers’ resignation shows that no one’s conduct is immune from accountability.   We can now look forward to a new era of a free press in New Mexico.

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