Paul Pacheco

Paul Pacheco, A Republican candidate for state representative, appeared in the “Police Stand for Susana” commercial featuring Darren White. Martinez, through her political action committee, has given Pacheco the maximum contribution of $5000.

Martinez endorsed Pacheco in March, “Paul Pacheco was a decorated police officer who will be a strong, honest voice in the state house. I am proud to endorse his candidacy.”
– Gov. Susana Martinez – 3/12/2012

But Pacheco, just like Jay McCleskey, has a history of mistreating women. He’s been accused of actions to “deceive and defraud”, filing a “bogus” police report, with “no evidence to sustain such a report” and of bouncing checks. Did Martinez know this when she said Pacheco was “honest”?

Court filings appear to indicate Pacheco schemed to get a more financially favorable divorce settlement for himself by pretending to reconcile with his unknowing wife.

Pacheco filed for divorce from his wife of three years. (Bernalillo District Court Case DM-98-2183). They were on the path to negotiate an amicable settlement. A proposed agreement was submitted to his wife, who approved and executed the agreement. However, Pacheco then did an about face and refused to sign the agreement that he had helped negotiate.

Pacheco’s wife filed with the court to get the court to order the settlement, but then she and Pacheco decided to reconcile.

However, “unbeknownst to Respondent and her attorney, during the period of time when the parties were living together as husband and wife and subsequent to their reconciliation, on October 18, 1999 and on October 21, 1999, in a deceptive, fraudulent and clandestine manner, Petitioner executed the Marital Settlement Agreement and had same filed with the Court.”

Pacheco signed and filed the agreement fourteen months after his wife had signed and well after they had gotten back together and their family’s circumstances “had so changed that it was no longer equitable.”

Further, Pacheco’s wife incurred substantial expenses believing the marriage was viable. And, “she would not have incurred these expenses had she been aware of Petitioner’s desire to secretively enter the Marital Settlement Agreement previously signed by Respondent fourteen (14) months prior, in an attempt to further deceive and defraud Respondent out of funds expended by her for Petitioner’s benefit and communities benefit.”

Pacheco knew he got caught trying to cheat the system. Neither Pacheco nor his attorney showed up for the hearing. The judge not only ordered the Marital Settlement Agreement and Final Decree of Divorce to be “set aside in their entirety”, but ordered Pacheco to “immediately reimburse” his wife for all of her attorney fees.

But Pacheco wasn’t done mistreating his wife. Pacheco, a police officer with the Albuquerque Police Department, filed a police report alleging domestic violence against his wife. Pacheco then reiterated the allegations from the police report by filing for a restraining order with the court.

Two weeks prior to the start of the domestic violence hearing, Pacheco’s now ex-wife filed a motion to have the police report expunged, because there is no evidence to sustain such a report.”

Pacheco, as a police officer would know that his allegations of domestic violence could be harmful to his ex-wife as she worked with children. Her attorney told the court that the “bogus” police report “will have a detrimental effect on Respondent’s career with children.”

The judge who presided over Pacheco’s domestic violence complaint against his ex-wife dismissed the complaint following a hearing. The court also ordered the report expunged after the determination that the allegations had not merit.

Pacheco dragged out paying his ex-wife’s attorneys’ fees despite the court’s order. He also refused to produce his financial records and sought to prevent his ex-wife from receiving portions of his PERA funds until the judge ordered him to do so.

Pacheco’s wrath extends beyond his ex-wife- he also mistreated figure skaters in Rio Rancho, their parents, and their coaches.

Pacheco and his new wife, Tami managed the Blades Multiplex in Rio Rancho. The facility was leased from Rio Rancho for $1 per year.

Yet, Pacheco and his wife owed skating coaches over $5,000 and bounced checks to them. Pacheco and his wife also did not honor admissions cards, lessons, and event passes that had been pre-purchased.

The Pacheco’s didn’t seem to grasp that this was wrong, Tami Pacheco was quoted in the Albuquerque Journal as saying, “the community should rally behind us and not make us the poster child of bad ownership at Blades.” (ABQ Journal article “City Wants Blades Owner on Carpet 5/27/04).

Because of an inability to pay for operational costs, the electricity to the facility was cut off, so the Pachecos brought in a generator to power the facility. However, the Rio Rancho Fire Marshall shut down the building do to fumes from the generator, and because fire alarms and emergency lights did not work do to the electricity being shut off.  (ABQ Journal article Blades Company Debts Alleged 5/19/04).

The Pachecos did file for bankruptcy in January 2005 and received a discharge of all debts they owed without having to pay anyone back. (US District Court for the District of NM 7-05-10027).

If it weren’t so disturbing it would be funny: Pacheco pitches himself as a “successful small businessman” to voters.

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