Prosecutorial Abuse: Not the First Time Martinez Prosecuted for Political Gain

Prosecutors, be they state or federal, are prohibited from using their office to pursue a political agenda. Efforts by New Mexico Republican party activists and Dirty Downs Deal players, Pat Rogers, Mickey Barnett, and Darren White to use the New Mexico US Attorney’s prosecutorial powers for partisan political purposes led to the the biggest scandal of the Bush White House– the firing of NM US Attorney David Iglesias.

Susana Martinez, has been no stranger to abusing her prosecutorial powers for political purposes. Martinez targeted Judge Murphy for entirely political purposes, bringing in her henchman, Matt Chandler, to pursue a witch hunt just so Martinez could have examples of “Democratic” corruption.

That prosecution collapsed under the weight of “burden of proof”. There was no real evidence of the corruption that Martinez constantly cited in her campaign. Judge Murphy pled guilty to one misdemeanor count. Gone, were the felony bribery charges that never should have been filed in the first place. But they were filed– solely for Martinez’s political ambitions.

This was not the first time that Martinez abused her prosecutorial powers for political purposes. In the State v. Gonzales, No. 28, 645 the New Mexico Supreme Court upheld the removal of Martinez’s entire office, after she prosecuted a former investigator, Michael Gonzales, Jr.  that worked for Martinez’s predecessor and political opponent. The Supreme Court specifically cited, Court of Appeals Judge Michael Bustamante’s statement that the “corrosive political atmosphere surround[ed] these prosecutions”.

The Albuquerque Journal pushed the prosecution of Judge Murphy having Mike Gallagher take the lead– until the case fell apart– from then on it was Rene Romo, who broke the news of the misdemeanor plea deal. What about the Journal editorial pages who more than once attacked the “corruption” by Murphy? Now there is only silence.

Prosecutions based on a political agenda are prohibited for good reason. Martinez must be held accountable for her actions in destroying a man’s life solely for her political ambition.

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