Quislings, Why Does Keith Gardner Still Have a Job?

New Mexicans all over are making it known that Keith Gardner, Susana Martinez’s chief of staff should not be drawing a state paycheck after his mistreatment of a young female APS legislative liaison was made public.  That is, except for Governor Martinez herself, and Al “I still have $300,000 outstanding on state contracts” Park,

Martinez supported the firing of state officials like Rick May for much less, or nothing at all…

New Mexico State Senator Linda Lopez summed it up quite nicely, “His erratic and frightening behavior leaves me no option but to advise Governor Susana Martinez to release Mr. Gardner from his position.”

Martinez is notorious for looking for advice in all the wrong places. She is intent upon keeping Gardner as her chief of staff, even with his seriously tarnished record:

  • In addition to battering the APS liaison, which was witnessed by several people, Gardner lied about it and blamed the witnesses rather than accept responsibility.
  • Gardner has admitted he intentionally conceals his communications from the public because his actions could land him in jail if they were disclosed.
  • Gardner offered high paying jobs to the father of a sexual assault victim that required the father to move his family out of  Roswell, thus making the case more likely to fall apart. Gardner’s “close relative” was a witness to the assault, giving more credence to his motives of trying to get the victim and her family out of town.
  • An email by disgraced Downs at Albuquerque attorney Pat Rogers shows Gardner to be in on the apparent collusion and bid rigging of the “dirty Downs deal” from the very early stages.
  • An email also linked Gardner directly to a possible violation of the NM Governmental Conduct Act.
  • Gardner was linked to rigging job qualifications so his wife would get a high paying state government position. The requirements were changed just enough to eliminate candidates who were much more qualified than Gardner’s wife.

Perhaps Martinez is keeping Keith Gardner around for insurance…because he knows where the bodies are buried?

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