Retaliation by Dirty Downs Deal Folks

Today, those involved in the Dirty Downs Deal, the bid-rigged racino contract currently under investigation by the FBI, AG, and the Auditor, sought to retaliate against good government Republican Charlotte Rode by alleging through the media that she violated the Anti-Donation Clause of the New Mexico State Constitution.

But, Keith Gardner, Jay McCleskey, Ryan Cangiolosi, Scott Darnell, Dan Mourning, Traci Wolfe, Darren White, Pat Rogers, Mark Shoesmith and others may have given Rode a legal basis to file a lawsuit against them. 

They may have just given Rode subpoena powers.

Rode’s “crime”? 

She parked an RV from a private company onto the grounds of the state fair and did not cover over the company’s name that was affixed on the side of the door.

Forget about fraud, conspiracy, bid rigging, bribery, and theft of public funds… charges that the Downs folks might potentially face. Not covering up a name on the side of a door must be a capital offense.

The Downs folks immediately called KRQE, a local station known to carry out the Martinez administration’s witch hunts in order to smear Rode.

Rode filed a complaint over the Downs deal with the State Auditor’s office. 

Whistle-blowing, also known as filing a complaint over illegal conduct is a protected action. Calling out the attack dogs at KRQE in an effort to smear Rode could easily be viewed as retaliation for her filing the complaint.

Talk about dumb…

Think about what can be unearthed regarding the bid rigging with the ability to subpoena records. Even the ABQ Journal can’t ignore a whistleblower lawsuit

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