NM Public Education Department Policy: When you can’t dispute the facts–Lie…

A spokesman for the department, Larry Behrens, said there’s no conflict of interest because Matthews severed all ties to her former clients before taking the state job” as reported by Barry Massey of the Associated Press.
     Funny thing about those “severed” ties.  His department respondent to our Inspection of Public Records request by providing copies of numerous emails between Patty Matthews and her “former clients” and “former law partner” that occurred AFTER she took office as the director of Options for Parents– formerly the Charter School Division. (Read those emails in the column to the right-click on view in full screen to enlarge.)
Among the many contacts between Patty Matthews and her “former” clients included an email in which Matthews referred her former charter school client to her “former” law partner to get legal advice.
So based upon Mr. Behrens’ statement, there is a conflict of interest because Patty Matthews HAS NOT SEVERED ALL TIES TO HER FORMER CLIENTS as Mr. Behrens stated.
This defense of such a blatant conflict of interest should come as no surprise given that Hanna Skandera and Gene Moser of the State Personnel Office eliminated PED’s ethics bureau with the governor’s blessing.
That Mr. Behrens would misinform the media raises the question of whether PED is now covering up for it’s unethical actions just like when PED rigged the job qualifications in order to give Martinez Chief of Staff Keith Gardner’s wife a job in which Mr. Behrens falsely claimed to the media that Stephanie Gardner was “the most qualified” when clearly she was not.
And as ISPAC has already documented, Patty Matthews and Susan Fox’s PRC corporation record filing shows that Matthews and Fox are still law partners.
Matthews and Fox filed an amendment with the PRC that only changed the name of their law firm just a couple of days before Matthews took over as the regulator of charter schools. The amendment did not remove Matthews as an owner of the company.
This smacks of an arrogant disregard for the truth and for ethical conduct. So much for Susana Martinez’s campaign promises of cleaning up state government.

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