Skandera Confirmation Hearing

Hanna Skandera, NM PED Secreatary-designate, was graded today by NM’s teachers on the second day of her confirmation hearing before the Senate Rules Committee chaired by Senator Linda Lopez. She received a resounding “F” from teacher after teacher for her lack of experience as an educator– a requirement for the job under the NM constitution. ISPAC’s Michael Corwin presented to the committee evidence of serious wrongdoing by Ms. Skandera during her two years in office including misuse of public resources, misuse of $1.7 million of GO Bond funds, the manipulation of the hiring of the wife of Keith Gardner, Governor Susana Martinez’s chief of staff into a fully federally funded through the US Department of Education Title I program, contractor paid travel, and engaging in numerous conflicts of interest costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Read Corwin’s testimony here and see the supporting documents here and her

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