Skandera Confirmation: Senators a “Yes” Vote Endorses Conduct You Oppose

There are “good government” Republicans as opposed to  “McCleskey” Republicans. Senators Sue Wilson Beffort and Stuart Ingle have always been good government Republicans, guardians of the public’s money. Both have been able to work across the aisle to do what is right for our state.

These days, though, New Mexico’s Republican party has been hijacked by Jay McCleskey, for whom money trumps all else, including the governmental conduct act and state and federal laws against bid rigging, collusion and fraud.

Unfortunately, Education Secretary-designate, Hanna Skandera, has shown through her two years in office that she is a McCleskey Republican, through and through. She has authorized the use of government resources and employees for political purposes, misused GO Bond funds to reward A rated schools when the voters approved the funds for all schools, and colluded in rigging job qualifications, of a fully federally funded position, in order to eliminate qualified candidates so that the wife of Susana Martinez’s chief of staff got the position.

That is just scratching the surface. She has traveled on state contractor paid trips, forced the taxpayers to spend tens of millions of dollars unnecessarily because she switched contractors to one favored by out of state interests, made decisions to personally benefit clients of a law firm she contracted with, illegally allowed private for profit management companies to operate charter schools despite a statutory prohibition.

While national media coverage has examined Ms. Skandera’s conduct, read here, here and here, the Albuquerque Journal in bed with the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, has kept information about Ms. Skandera’s conduct from the public.

The senators; however, know about her conduct and that it is proven through documentation. The question for good government Republicans is this, are you willing to drop everything you stand for partisan politics? You own her conduct if you do.

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