State Fair Commissioner Charlotte Rode’s IPRA Complaint

The Santa Fe Reporter has an article on State Fair Commissioner Charlotte Rode’s lawsuit against Expo New Mexico and the New Mexico Racing Commission for their refusal to produce documents pursuant to her IPRA request. The article has a copy of Charlotte Rode’s lawsuit.

Governor Susana Martinez has made a concerted effort to keep public records about the Dirty Downs deal secret. Almost a month after the New Mexico Attorney General’s office ordered her administration to produce records regarding her husband’s hunting trip to Louisiana during the procurement process to ISPAC, her administration has still not produced the documents.

Laguna Development Corp. the other bidder in the deal was also denied access to documents by the administration, even after Laguna alleged that the administration had leaked Laguna’s documents to the Downs at Albuquerque.

The administration seems to be doing all it can to prevent the public from seeing with its own eyes just how this supposed RFP process was just a sole-source contract in disguise.

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