State Personnel Board member Devon Day publicly calls for eliminating working protections

 Devon Day, who was appointed to the State Personnel Board by Governor Susana Martinez, has a guest op-ed piece in the Albuquerque Journal today, entitled “Tackle Big Problems to Better Our ABQ”.
On the face of it, her op-ed looks to be about what Albuquerque needs to do to be a “livable city”.
Perhaps as a way to build her credibility for knowing what ABQ needs to do better than the rest of us, Day identifies herself a president of Day Financial. She makes a living moving around other people’s money–just like those folks on wall street– who brought us the great recession and the mortgage meltdown.
But then towards the end of her piece, Day calls on Mayor Berry to “collaborate closely with the governor and secretary of education to end the protection of non-performing educators.”
    Day doesn’t even call for firing bad teachers, after all, there already is a way to do that. Day has adopted the FEE (Foundation for Excellence in Education-let’s privatize public education) wordspeak- for teachers who won’t teach the FEE way. That’s what makes those teachers non-performing in the eyes of the governor and education secretary designate.
So why is this hypocritical and indicative of a hidden agenda? Maybe she made the same call to get rid of folks like Madoff and Vaughn and others bad performers in the financial field?
    Martinez and Skandera axed members of the Education Technologies Bureau, a move that we previously covered since it could cost New Mexico public schools millions of dollars of federal funding for technology in schools. (Scroll down to read about the possible loss of funding).
Terminating all of those folks at PED cleared the way for Martinez and Skandera to hire or give contracts to friends, associates and private companies like Teach for America to do the work already being done by state employees they let go.
So lets call her omission relative to her own role in terminating education employees a philosophical conflict of interest. By the way, this financial mover and shaker signed off on terminating over 70 state employees in total.
Martinez and Skandera have been having a hard time implementing the FEE agenda here in New Mexico.
They failed to move a key piece of the agenda, the retention bill, out of either chamber during the special session. Next, the Albuquerque Public School system working in conjunction with teachers union representatives have come up with their own approach to education reform, one that arises from actual classroom experience.
When you read between the lines, it’s clear that Day is calling on Mayor Berry to force APS to tow the Skandera/Martinez/Fee line. Obviously, APS will do what it thinks will be the most effective and that’s not what the governor has promised the national Republicans. So why not just come out and say it instead of hiding her direct connection to the Martinez Administration and their real agenda under the guise of making Albuquerque a more “livable city”?

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