Susana Martinez’s Message to High School Students: STD’S and Pregnancy Better Than Using Condoms

Abstinence-only sexual education is getting pushed on unknowing children by adults with weird political agendas. 

Adults like Gov. Susana Martinez, calling idiotic audibles from the GOP’s culture-war playbook. Message to Martinez and all our other politicians motivated by pious religiosity: The Founding Fathers would hate you, and you are directly responsible for some young people having STDs and unwanted pregnancies. 

Numerous media outlets are reporting today that Erin J. Bouquin, a Los Alamos doctor, has resigned her new position as Chief Medical Officer of the New Mexico Department of Health. She resigned because she was asked to, Bouquin said. 

“On the day I was asked to leave, I said the word condom three times on the news,” she told the Santa Fe New Mexican. 

Bouquin gave an interview to KOAT-Channel 7 last week in which she cited spiking rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia in New Mexico teens, and suggested they use condoms. The story aired Thursday morning; she was asked to step down later that day, she said. 

“You are being dismissed because you haven’t met the expectations of the governor,” she told the New Mexican she was told as her reason for losing the job. 

The governor expects, apparently, that medical professionals will ignore things likes facts and data. The governor expects, apparently, that even doctors talking about the health of teenagers will turn into drooling partisans and promote the GOP’s insane agenda. 

It takes about 15 seconds of searching on the internet to produce multiple studies that say abstinence-only sexual education doesn’t work, and is actually harmful. Just this month, researchers from the Guttmacher Institute said a survey of 1,800 people between 18-29 found six in 10 didn’t understand the effectiveness of oral contraceptives like birth control pills. 

“Programs to increase young adults’ knowledge about contraceptive methods and use are urgently needed,” the report says. “Given the demonstrated link between method knowledge and contraceptive behaviors, such programs may be useful in addressing risky behavior in this population.”

Abstinence-only education hurts children. That’s just a fact. Girls and women who know more about contraception are less likely to have unprotected sex. Studies continue to prove this, and it’s also common sense. 

Fans of intelligent decision making don’t know what to think of a government that favors religion over fact-based reason. Maybe this is a political winner for Susana Martinez, but actively working to keep children ignorant about sex is dangerous. It’s also creepy. 

“Things are becoming more political at the department,” Bouquin told the New Mexican of the Department of Health.

If Susana Martinez was truly a small-government conservative, she would let a doctor do her job. Instead, the governor wants to micromanage New Mexicans’ sex lives, based on the fact-ignoring, discredited agenda of her GOP overlords. 

State governments have gone to a scary place. 

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