Susana Martinez’s Poor Record on Women and Minorities

The hyper-partisan Albuquerque Journal editors today called out the chairman of the state Democratic Party, Javier Gonzales, for being hyper-partisan. Why? Gonzales labeled New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez as “insensitive” to our state’s diversity.

Instead of holding Martinez accountable for her dismissiveness towards minorities and women, the Journal’s editors once again chose to shield her from accountability for her own actions.

The Journal’s editors blame subcontractors rather than the Martinez administration for the implication that only Anglos and “light skinned” Hispanics are welcome here as tourists.

But what happened to “the buck stops here” position the Journal’s editors took with Governor Bill Richardson?

Martinez’s administration chose those subcontractors, who apparently believe money from Blacks, Asians, and “dark skinned” Hispanics is not needed here in New Mexico.  Shouldn’t her administration be held responsible for those choices?

If you think that is too harsh. Think again.

The national Republican establishment is looking closely at Martinez as a potential running mate for the Republican presidential nominee. Those folks must think voters are just stupid enough to back the Republican ticket solely because she is female and Hispanic.

The last thing they want is for voters to really examine Martinez’s abysmal record on minorities and women:

  • Twice vetoed ALL funding for the African American Performing Arts Center.
  • Eliminated the New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women.
  • Vetoed funding for women’s health programs in Santa Fe.
  • Vetoed money for the Navajo Nation Emergency Management Services.
  • Sought ways aroundNew Mexico bilingual education laws to force English-only.
  • Sought to undermine/ignore the Indian Education and Hispanic Education Acts.
  • Launched investigations on immigrants despite legal status.
  • Understaffed the Bi-lingual Education Bureau and Indian Education Division.
  • Ignored requests to meet with Hispanic and Native American Education stakeholders.

This list only includes the actions blatantly targeting minorities and women. It does not include her actions that harm women and minorities disproportionately more than Anglo men:

  • Vetoed funding for the Gallup food bank.
  • Vetoed funding for traditional healing training for treating substance abuse in Northern New Mexico.
  • Vetoed funding for full-day kindergarten and extending the school year.
  • Vetoed funding for adult education instructional material.

The Journal’s editors spend a lot of time and energy calling out those who point to Martinez’s problematic treatment of minorities and women.  They should spend less time trying to protect Martinez from herself and hold her accountable for her actions. Giving Martinez cover for such actions is hyper-partisanship at its worst.

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