The Over/Under (Reach) on May and Skandera

The New Mexico Attorney General’s office is currently investigating the New Mexico Public Education Department, operated by Hanna Skandera, for possibly violating the New Mexico Governmental Conduct Act.

Emails appear to show that Skandera, may have authorized the potentially illegal conduct of using government resources and personnel for private political benefit.

It is now been learned that Skandera’s department has been found to have violated the state procurement code on at least six different occasions. Such violations also carry criminal penalties. (Read the documents here).

Yet, Governor Susana Martinez has not placed Skandera on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Perhaps because Skandera, through her communication with the governor, may have implicated the governor herself.

Martinez; however, supported placing Rick May, the chief of staff of the New Mexico Finance Authority, on paid administrative leave “to ensure that an independent and thorough investigation and audit is conducted”, as Martinez spokesman Scott Darnell told Steve Terrell of the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Unlike Skandera, May has not been alleged to have been involved in any wrongdoing.

He, like the members of the NMFA board (who were not removed from their duties) appears to have missed possible misconduct by his subordinates; not participated in the misconduct as it appears may be the case with Skandera.

Once again, Martinez has turned a blind eye to the actions of those close to her, while making examples out of those not part of her inner circle.

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