Warning: Editorial Surprise Inside!

Over these many months of writing about the dirty Downs deal I have often favorably mentioned good government Republicans like Charlotte Rode and Tom Tinnin. They have been subjected to attacks by the Martinez Administration simply because they chose to do the right thing.

As if doing the right thing is wrong.

ISPAC has exposed wrongdoing at the Downs and formally petitioned both state and federal law enforcement to investigate the corruption involved in the Downs.

Reporting corruption is the right thing to do.

Now, I salute another Republican for doing the right thing. I am certain that of all people, I am the last person in the world that he would expect to hear that from.

Harvey Yates, Jr., a former head of the NM GOP and longtime benefactor of many Republicans who have run for office and whom I have often worked against, is to be saluted for his willingness to stand up on behalf of Democratic Senator Tim Jennings.

Few Democrats have had the courage to speak out against what Jay McCleskey and Keith Gardner have done to Jennings. If you remember, in the now famous recording made of Gardner by Brian Powell, Gardner made it very clear that he was part of Governor Susana Martinez’s political machine’s targeting of Jennings.

Senator Linda Lopez comes to mind as one such Democrat for her forthright denunciation of Gardner over his conduct that should shame decent people everywhere.

As covered by Joe Monahan, Yates, in an op-ed, blasted “prominent Republican practitioners of the half-truth” and called on Martinez to “clip the wings of such political operatives”.

Great advice. Too bad Martinez seems to be the only one who doesn’t get it.

He may have been thinking about another political operative. But as far as Gardner goes, if the shoe fits…

Both McCleskey and Gardner are knee deep in the muck of the dirty Downs deal.

Gardner rigged the hiring process at PED to exclude highly qualified candidates from a job during tough economic times that then went to his wife. Emails show that Gardner was kept in the loop throughout the hiring process.

Gardner has admitted to not communicating by email to keep his actions that could put him in jail from being disclosed to the public. He became inappropriately engaged in a criminal prosecution and offered many high paying jobs to the victim’s father, if only they would move away from Roswell.

We all know what happens when victims’ families move hundreds of miles away from the jurisdiction of where a case is being tried.

Gardner also, in a highly publicized situation, has been accused of extremely abusive conduct including battery against a young female lobbyist for the state’s largest school district. She was the recipient of his inexcusable conduct because her boss opposed the governor’s efforts to force kids to get left behind whether their parents wish for that to happen or not.

McCleskey, no stranger to being accused of battering and mistreating women, has used his insider access to the governor to richly reward himself, has shown that there is no line he wouldn’t cross to succeed. Half-truth is a generous understatement when it comes to the outright lies he disseminates.

Still the governor protects them both from themselves. She has not only circled the wagons for them, but has fully embraced their conduct.

Will the governor attack Yates as she has anyone else who stands in Gardner and McCleskey’s way? Only time will tell.

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