What the GOP doesn’t know about the governor of New Mexico

On Tuesday August 28th New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez takes to the podium at the Republican National Convention. It is her first appearance on the national stage at a time when the Republican Party is under intense scrutiny for conducting a “war on women”.

The GOP appears to be using the image of the first Latina governor telling her life story in an attempt to silence the questions and concerns about the party’s commitment to women and minorities.

Martinez is relatively unknown outside of New Mexico. Her administration has so far succeeded in selling a one-sided and extremely biased portrayal of Martinez, in large part by bullying the local press.

Here is a primer on the facts of Martinez’s conduct since taking office January 1, 2011:

  • Martinez, a former prosecutor, has surrounded herself with men who bruise, abuse, and mistreat women. Her actions show that she not only accepts the mistreatment of women, but rewards men who do so. (Susana Martinez Used to Prosecute Guys like these)
  • She eliminated the funding for the Commission on the Status of Women.

The action effectively does away with the 37-year old commission, said Kathi Brown, the agency’s interim executive director.” Albuquerque Journal

“The kind of services we provide isn’t for somebody like the governor or me or even you,” she told a reporter. “It’s for someone who has had the rug pulled out from underneath them.” Executive Director Mary Molina Mescall, Santa Fe New Mexican.

  • She twice gutted the funding for the African American Performing Arts Center.
  • Martinez pushed to eliminate parents rights to make critical decisions in their child’s education, in violation of the Hispanic Education Act and Indian Education Act.
  •  Martinez targeted female statewide union officers working in state government for termination by eliminating their positions through Reductions in Force.
  •  Martinez ran for office claiming that she would end government corruption. Yet she is currently under investigation by the FBI, New Mexico Attorney General, and the New Mexico Auditor for her administration’s involvement in the “Dirty Downs Deal”.

While trying to maintain the appearance of an open bidding process, Martinez’s people steered a contract worth at least a billion dollars to favored campaign and Susana PAC contributors. These actions include:

                  — Replacing highly qualified bid evaluators with hand-picked evaluators, including an insider who significantly inflated the favored bidders score.

                  — Martinez deputy chief of staff along with her key political adviser engaged in improper and possibly illegal one-sided communications with the contributors

                  during the procurement process.

                  — Withholding critical documents from the commissioners whose job was to evaluate the bidding process.

  •  Martinez’s administration is under investigation by the New Mexico Attorney General for possible violations of the Governmental Conduct Act for using government property and employees for private political benefit.
  • Martinez ran for office claiming to be Ms. Sunshine (open government), yet her people engaged in widespread and sanctioned use of private email accounts, instead of official government email accounts, in order to conceal their actions from the public.

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